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Apr. 28th, 2008 | 05:49 pm
mood: proud proud
music: Thé à La Menthe (Words) || La Caution
posted by: shimmelk in tru_beeeyoutyy

HEY nerysmodwolf AND neverdoubtedyou! You have stumbled into our cramped retarded broom closet of rock candy crack and found you admire the good work we've done so much, you've seen fit to join our very active community! Or just clicked the wrong button! Either option, I feel kind of threatened: WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? GET OUT OF MY BROOM CUBBOARD! YOU'RE NOT A BROOM!

But then hey, maybe you're a mop or one of those sexy shammy cloths that are always being demo'd in department stores and anything that can soak up a litre of grape juice is a plain old feat of tidying-up engineering.

So now that you are here, here are some options you might like to consider:

Support the supposed reason behind the existence of this comm and post those embarrassing icons you were possessed to make at 3am that one time on a Tuesday. Slap someone in the face with a icon dueling glove! Get lost in IKEA. Give someone a seizure, preferably. Bicker amongst yourselves, sit around in a circle and play a game of Stella Ella Olla, or build pasta sculptures honoring citrikacid and I in our mysterious likenesses, THEN COOK AND EAT THEM!

Whatever you end up doing, ~*~PROCURE~*~ BEAUTY!!

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